Maintaining Essential Laundry Services in Our Residential Communities

March 24th, 2020

States have listed laundry services as essential to maintaining the safety, sanitation and essential operation of residences. And, according to the CDC, washing clothes is a critical facet of fighting the COVID-19 virus.  Cutting through massive amounts of information can be difficult, the industry is sharing information that makes it clear that Laundromats and Shared Laundry Rooms are part of the solution. 

Our team members are working to support residential communities in maintaining functioning community (shared) and in-home laundry operations. With help from our client partners, we are keeping millions of Americans supported in having clean laundry. 

What is CSC doing?

Providing services in the safest way possible is important for us all. 

Within CSC, our first steps included revised policies around Workplace Health & Safety Procedures that included CDC guidelines and education on respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene practices. We also created enhanced Sickness & Returning to Work policies that pay for testing through our medical plans and make staying at home while getting paid possible if team members are sick or need to take care of their families.

We have also re-written a field playbook for how we deliver services to our clients and consumers. These procedures incorporate practices like social distancing throughout our procedures. In order to best meet overall demand, we have prioritized core parts of our business, including the installation and servicing of machines. 

What Should Property Owners and Managers Know?

  • Your community laundry room(s) and related equipment (AVU’s) should remain accessible and running as the ability to do laundry can stop the spread of the virus and is vital to your residents.
  • Moving Add Value Units (AVU’s) is in high demand, and providers may be limited. It may help to publish open hours and limit traffic through some assignments (floors, room numbers, etc.). 
  • When a CSC laundry technician is on-site, they may briefly post an “in-service” sign while servicing your machines. This is a fundamental step to respect the desire for social distancing.
  • In most cases, the responsibility to clean and disinfect laundry rooms and/or laundry machines in them rests with the property and will remain there due to capacity limitations. According to the CDC, cleaning and disinfecting can be done relatively quickly, through basic methods and with routine products.
  • Encourage residents to follow CDC general guidelines for doing laundry as well as issued Recommendations for Households with Suspected/Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019.
  • Our customer service phone lines are supporting many calls. We encourage all clients to take advantage of ways to manage your account online.
  • Limit the number of people in the laundry room by encouraging loading and unloading only, waiting outside of the room otherwise. Also encourage folding at home.
  • For everyone’s safety, like many service professionals, our technicians may ask if there have been any individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 that reside in a home or on the property.

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