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CSC ServiceWorks Continues Support of Campus Housing Professionals

January 15th, 2021

CSC ServiceWorks has long recognized the impact that residence life and campus housing has on student recruitment, retention, achievement, and well-being. Thousands of campus professionals work to continuously improve and ensure safe living environments, as well as create solutions that solve the unique challenges faced by students living on campus today. To support this important work, CSC remains an ongoing corporate partner with the Association of College and University Housing Officers—International (ACUHO-I), the leading organization for 17,000 campus housing and residence life professionals who represent 3.2 million on-campus students from around the globe.

As a Corporate Major Donor to the ACUHO-I Foundation, CSC helps to advance the education and development of campus housing professionals through research initiatives that demonstrate the value of on-campus living, grants and scholarships, and learning opportunities. Investing into the ACUHO-I Foundation is a proud investment into the future of the housing profession and the individuals who impact the on-campus experience for students.