How we are making CSC a company where people want to work


We’re a company of thousands of diverse employees across several countries around the world. Every day our team members are our most valuable and important asset, delivering our services through millions of interactions.

The exceptional expertise of our teams and the service that they provide are the most important piece of our business model. Treating employees fairly, honestly and with respect is a core value and has had a direct impact on the sustainability of our 90+ year-old company.

We strive to continue to create an environment where employees are engaged and satisfied in their jobs. The long tenure of our team members indicates that engaged employees feel positive, do a better job, and stay longer with our company.

We recognize that we need to provide competitive wages and benefits, and a safe work environment where no one gets hurt. We also need to create opportunities and pathways that promote career advancement while recognizing and rewarding team members for their performance.

Finally, we recognize that the evolving workforce is looking for companies that are responsible and that allow employees to thoughtfully connect to relevant issues and causes. Success in engaging and connecting with professionals in this way is one of the greatest opportunities for industry leading companies like CSC.