Technology Enabled Convenience

Our app not only gives residents a secure and convenient way to pay for laundry but also check machine availability, receive cycle alerts and even request refunds all from their mobile device!

How It Works

A Connected Platform

Modern Convenience

Our app offers streamlined payment along with real-time updates and tracking of your laundry.

Wi-Fi Enabled Devices

Creating a secured network of connected devices enables a seamless and simple process for our users.

Real-Time Progress

Wi-Fi enabled devices create an intelligent network of machines that can securely process digital payments, capture machine diagnostics and deliver modern convenience.

CSC Digital Laundry also makes life easier for property owners and managers. First, like with other seamless consumer experiences, they can expect to see usage and revenues grow as a result of the modern convenience that they deliver. Managers also can access real-time reporting on laundry room performance, billing, service quality and resident satisfaction. Finally, remote machine monitoring that automatically communicates with CSC service technicians makes for worry-free service.

With the implementation of connected machines, CSC is taking major steps in bringing smart-home technology and modern experiences to the multifamily housing sector.

CSC GO Mobile

A smarter approach to laundry in the palm of your hand!

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