Commercial Laundry


Turn Up the Volume

When your business depends on volume, depend on us. We provide commercial laundry products and services designed to maximize your operation’s potential.



Give your laundromat the tools for success with the help of a knowledgeable partner. We offer the most comprehensive package of products and services in the industry, including:

  • Site, demographic and competitive analysis
  • Lease negotiations
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Layout, design, and blue line drawings
  • Engineering and construction
  • Financing and marketing
  • Service training

On-Premise Laundry

Whether you are a single washer operation or a multi-million-dollar industrial laundry company, we can help you maximize production and reduce labor and utility expenses with services that include:

  • Laundry operation analysis
  • Layout, design and blue line drawings
  • Specifications and engineering
  • Competitive comparisons
  • Professional installation
  • Service training
  • Discounted parts

Industrial Laundry

As the largest distributor of leading industrial laundry equipment in the U.S., we provide a full cycle of support from design and install to ongoing maintenance from our best-in-class service team at competitive pricing.

  • Design and consulting services
  • Specifications and engineering
  • Rigging and installation
  • Cost efficiency analysis
  • Service training
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Equipment rebuilding

Commercial laundry has unique demands and CSC’s Super Laundry business has grown to be the nation’s largest distributor of commercial laundry equipment. Our “end to end” expertise and solutions address the needs of 20,000 customers in Industrial, On-Premise (OPL) and Laundromat environments.

Equipment Sales & Leasing

Whether you are building or remodeling a laundromat, looking for an industrial tunnel wash and dry system or operating on-premise laundry in a hotel, hospital or health club; we can sell or lease the equipment you need (new or used). As the largest distributor of commercial laundry equipment in the U.S., we represent most leading manufacturers.

Certified Service & Parts

Super Laundry services thousands of laundry facilities and is one of the largest parts suppliers in the U.S. Our national network of local branches and factory-trained technicians are the foundation for our ability to provide unmatched service. Whether “as-needed” or as part of a comprehensive service contract, you’ll be able to access 1-2 day service from our certified technicians.

Technical & Financial Services

We offer a suite of financial & technical services to complement your team. Whether you are looking to re-engineer your OPL operation, design a new facility or market your laundromat; we can help. Our commercial laundry team brings decades of experience across areas like design & build, operations management, leasing & financing and brokerage services.

Put us to work for you.

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