CSC ServiceWorks Donates Refrigerators

CommunityWorks, Corporate Responsibility

CSC Teams Leverage Business Resources to Impact Communities

September 10th, 2021

Over the summer, our local teams have helped establish 25 partnerships with local community centers as part of our CommunityWorks signature impact program

Beyond the ongoing relationships that we are establishing as part of our CommunityWorks social impact program, we are using local connections to identify need and use our resources to impact the challenges many people are facing. Our Southern California team recently demonstrated how this can happen!

We see thousands of consumer products come through our operations (ordered new, installed, removed, refurbished, replaced, and scrapped). In addition to laundry and air equipment, a small part of our business (CA) includes refrigerators that we install and maintain.

CSC ServiceWorks employee standing in front of Allies for Every Child sign

Over time, our SoCal team had accumulated a stock of gently used refrigerator units that had been replaced with a new model by the manufacturer. With the encouragement of senior leadership, Mitchell Pass, Senior Field Service and Collections Manager; Carlos Flores, Lead Installer; and Rafael Buenrostro, Installer, collaborated on ideas to use the equipment.

Because the units were in “like new” condition and had plenty of life remaining, we tapped into our local community partners to distribute them in a way that would support families who need it most. Pass said, “Habitat for Humanity was the first place we reached out to. They were very responsive and eager to receive equipment from us. We were happy to partner with them because their mission is in line with what we want to support.”

Social Current (formerly The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities) also identified two locally based foster care organizations within their network, Allies for Every Child and There is Hope Foster Family Agency. By working with these organizations, we were able to place these appliances into early education centers and the homes of foster families who are taking care of children with neglected upbringings.

Between these three organizations we were able to donate over 100 refrigerators that that will now serve countless community members. Our nonprofit contacts pass on many thanks and appreciation from the recipient families and Flores commented, “Personally, I felt really good when I went home that day. It felt good to know you helped people in need.”

Our core business is to make things work better for people every day and we are always looking for ways to improve. Here, we took a little extra time and figured out a way to serve our neighbors in need while also reducing our environmental impact.