Introducing CSC’s Client Insights Portal

Access actionable data and track consumer behavior to optimize your laundry program.

How It Works

Our connected machines transmit data to a secure, cloud-based reporting and monitoring application. Here you can track revenue, commissions, service status, and more through our basic or premium dashboard.

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Most CSC digital laundry accounts receive BASIC access with monthly reporting on revenue, commissions, and service cases.

Our PREMIUM dashboard provides near real-time data on revenue, customer engagement, and case level service with the ability to track by payment type, laundry room, and more.

Account Overview and History
Secure Cloud Portal
Revenue by Month
Commissions Paid by Month
Service Cases by Month
Filter to Specific Accounts
Visual Charts for Trend Analysis
Engagement Details
Revenue by Payment Type
Revenue by Laundry Room
Cycles by Laundry Room
Cycles by Payment Type
Daily & Weekly Data View
App Adoption & Performance
Digital Marketing Events
Service Details
Work Orders by Room
Machine History
Work Orders Average Time to Close
Work Orders by Reason Codes
Refund Details



Learn when and where your residents do the most laundry and how they pay for it to make adjustments that increase resident satisfaction while generating more revenue.





Monitor machine history including service cases, average time to close, and refund requests to track machine performance and our service response.



Ready to optimize your laundry operation?

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“I’m always looking at revenue and operational performance across multiple properties. The Client Insights Portal gives me the information that I need as we move our portfolio to digital.”

“The Client Insights Portal gave us great visibility into our operations. We looked at room usage data and then optimized machine placement to meet resident demands. My residents are happy, usage is up, and our revenues are growing.”