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CSC ServiceWorks Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic

March 20th, 2020

As a company, CSC ServiceWorks is a services company responsible for maintaining laundry room equipment (washers & dryers) in various residential environments as well as air & ATM machines in convenience stores and other retail locations.

From the outset of the pandemic, we have been part of a group of essential businesses providing critical infrastructure and services essential to personal sanitation, the operation of business and residences, transportation, and banking. With Laundry as our largest business, we, along with the CDC and other authorities, view washing clothes as a critical facet of fighting the COVID-19 virus.

As with many companies, our first steps were to mobilize response teams so that we could most effectively process information, communicate internally, and attack specific areas of need. An overall group was formed, as were several sub-teams, including operations and human resources. These teams continue to convene, sometimes daily, to this day.

We immediately revised several policies that addressed health & safety-related procedures that included CDC guidelines and education on respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene practices. We also created enhanced Sickness & Returning to Work policies that pay for testing through our medical plans and make staying at home while getting paid possible if team members are sick or need to take care of their families.

We continue to monitor the situation inside and outside of our company and our enterprise continues to receive updates, including policies, guidelines, and tools. Some of the steps that we have taken to date with our TEAMS include:

  • CSC team members were instructed to stay home if they exhibit ANY symptoms of being sick.
  • We installed enhanced PTO and added Emergency Leave supplements to our PTO policy
  • We activated remote workplace procedures where feasible in maintaining our service.
  • We placed a hold on non-essential business travel requiring flights.
  • All team members were educated on respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene practices.
  • All team members were instructed to wash or sanitize hands between visiting job sites.
  • We made comprehensive procedural modifications that utilize protocols like “social distancing” to increase safety and maintain service.
  • We provided tools to support routine environmental cleaning procedures in our operations.

To save yourself time, we encourage you to take advantage of our ways to manage your account online.

For community laundry clients and residents: 

For properties with CSCPay Mobile™ and digital payment technology installed, we encourage the use of our CSCPay Mobile app so residents can take advantage of contactless payment and avoid making unnecessary trips to the laundry room by remotely monitoring machine availability and cycle status. 

For in-home laundry clients and residents (Appliance Warehouse): 

We encourage you to use our online portal to complete the following: 

  • Submit a Service Request
  • Check Service ETA
  • View/Download Monthly Statements
  • Make a Payment or Update Payment Info
  • Place an Equipment Order 

If have not already enrolled for online access, click here to quickly set up your account. 

If you’ve already enrolled but need help signing in, click here to recover your username or password. 

We will continue to provide updates and, again, are committed to maintaining service in a way that is safe for us all.

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