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Corporate Responsibility

A Message From CEO Mark Hjelle to Our Employees

June 5th, 2020

CSC Team,

Like many of you, I watched the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis with my own eyes.  No words can truly describe this horrific and sickening event and the resulting senseless and tragic loss of a fellow human being. It is nothing other than an act of absolute inhumanity, and it sickens and saddens me that something like this could happen in our country in the year 2020.  But it is happening, with far too many people of color for far too long, and it is intolerable, and it needs to end.

I have been following the waves of protest across the country. It is a painful time for our country as we shine a light on the racial injustice and systemic inequality that exists. I can understand the anger and frustration of so many voices telling us we can no longer accept the unacceptable. While I don’t necessarily have all the right words to say, I do know that saying nothing is no longer an option.

While a small minority of people have resorted to violence and the destruction of already challenged communities, the overwhelming majority have been peaceful, courageous, and inspiring. I choose to listen to those who are rightfully challenging all of us that we can be better, we need to be better, and that change needs to happen.  I can’t fully understand the experience of so many who have faced racism or been subject to injustices, but I can listen, learn, and seek to understand. As an individual, I’m taking steps on this path, and we will also do so as a company.

Let me be clear and unequivocal; I stand against racism and systemic inequality and will do what I can as a leader and a member of my community to make positive change. Specifically, I am engaging my own family, including my three daughters, in the conversation.  As history has shown us, the upcoming generation can best challenge us to make real change.  I would encourage all of you to have conversations with your family and friends.

Additionally, we will immediately begin to engage in a dialogue at CSC with many of you and your teams, with community leaders and others. We will listen and learn to understand our challenges more fully, how we can do better as a company, and how all of us can be part of the solution. Our ongoing mission to support each other and our communities needs to begin with tolerance, respect, and compassion.

As I communicated early in the week, our priority is ensuring everyone’s safety and wellbeing. We also are committed to inclusion and creating an environment where anyone who believes in inclusion is welcome. Beyond this, over the last few days, I’ve had the opportunity to continue to listen and understand how we can go further; because we must.  As leaders and as fellow human beings, we can no longer be silent.

While continuing to face conditions that keep us physically apart, I am calling on our CSC family to come together. I believe that it is our shared responsibility to stand in and do our part.

I’ll continue to communicate with you around this step so that we can share, learn and then act.

Thank you for all that you do, and please continue to be safe.

Mark Hjelle
Chief Executive Officer