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California hotel account benefits from new certification program, digital laundry options

January 6th, 2020

The Anaheim Marriott Suites has a very good reason for offering a common laundry facility with eight units. Located just next to Disneyland in Garden Grove, California, the hotel hosts families who are often staying for days or a week or more while they visit the local amusement parks so on-demand laundry is a key amenity.

The hotel’s General Manager was felt their 10-year old laundry equipment did not match the quality of the hotel. The machines had also suffered from vandalism of the payment mechanisms, possibly by professional thieves, which had further affected the machines.

CSC and the hotel were in the middle of a five-year renewal cycle but were able to utilize options available through CSC’s Digital Laundry and Certified Rebuilt Equipment programs to solve the issue.

“We explained that with our Certified Rebuilt program, their machines could be as good as new even though we were in the middle of a renewal cycle” said Marco Gonzalez, General Manager for CSC ServiceWorks. “In addition, we are applying our new payment technology platform to eliminate the vandalism risk and create a modern end-user experience.”

Gonzalez and team were able to have the machines installed within three weeks which completely changed not only the appearance of their laundry rooms but the laundry experience as well.

“This was an opportunity to offer best-in-class service to our client by meeting their needs through our Certified Rebuilt program while solving for other issues with our new technology,” said Gonzalez.