Tom Rizzo and an employee

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Phoenix collection manager Tom Rizzo celebrates 30 years with CSC

February 11th, 2018

Phoenix Collection Manager Tom Rizzo recently marked a milestone anniversary of 30 years of service with CSC ServiceWorks. To honor Rizzo, Branch Manager Brian Schickendanz presented him with a Golden Pipe Wrench at all-hands team meeting.

“Tom is always willing to help a team member at the drop of a hat. He is frequently sought out because of his industry knowledge and approachability,” said Schickendaz. “He really cares about doing a good job; ‘good enough’ is not good enough for him or his team. He currently has some of the best Late Collections performance in the company.”

Rizzo accepted a position as an Installer shortly after leaving the U.S. Navy and then became a Collector and eventually the Phoenix Collection Manager. However, Rizzo is also known by the unofficial title on his office door, CEO of GSD (Getting Stuff Done).

“I try to assist in any function that is needed,” said Rizzo. “In fact, the entire Phoenix Collection crew embraces and understands the need to learn and perform all functions needed in order to provide exceptional service to our customers.”

Rizzo is an example of the many dedicated team members across the country that inspire teamwork and empower CSC ServiceWorks to provide best-in-class service.

“I have worked with and still work with fantastic people who have shaped my life into what it is today,” said Rizzo. “I am very appreciative of the entire CSC organization for the many years we have served together.”