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Service Tech James Davis Credits Staying Organized as Key to Success

September 3rd, 2020

Highly organized—it’s a skill that many of us claim as we are always in search of ways to become more efficient, both at our jobs and in our personal lives. However, for James Davis, Service Technician in our Portland branch, organization is the most important trait he credits for his success over the past 11 years with CSC.

“I sometimes refer to my job as painting the Golden Gate bridge, once you finish it’s already time to revisit certain areas,” said Davis. “It keeps my job exciting and staying organized is key.”

Davis has become the face of CSC for his area, which covers a 4-hour stretch from northern California to southern Oregon. Covering an area like this demands organization—and for Davis, it all starts with his van.

“I’m also a carpenter so I decided to build wooden racks to create extra space within my van,” said Davis. “Each night when I get home, I put things back in their designated space and make sure I’m stocked and ready to start the next day.”

Several years ago, a train derailed on Davis’ property. As the crews showed up to clear the wreckage, they asked if he would like to keep any of the box cars. Davis decided to keep a few on his property and continues to use them for extra storage of supplies and equipment.

While staying organized is Davis’ biggest piece of advice for other Service Technicians, his favorite part of working at CSC is the people.

“From our Branch Manager to our entire team, it’s just an exceptional group of people to work with,” said Davis. “Even though I don’t see them often in person, we are constantly supporting each other and feel that our company is always striving to be the best it can be.”

Portland Branch Manager, James Clark, says, “While James works closely with other associates when possible, he has been a Technician, Collector and Installer all on the same day. He makes it a point to know his customers personally and has great judgement in knowing which clients need extra attention. We are lucky to have such a caring, creative and resourceful teammate taking care of southern Oregon.”