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Optimal Wellness Tips When Working on the Road

September 20th, 2019

Bill Novitsky has been part of the CSC family for three decades. With the expectation of a 6-year period that he spent in management, he has on the road as part of the collections team in the New York market.

“Bill has been a big contributor to the progress that has been made in this market”, said General Manager Frank Rozsa, and while performing at this high level he has also pursued wellness and nutrition as a writer, speaker and consultant. As a result, Novitsky decided to share his thoughts on being healthier at work.

“I’ve been on the road collecting from just about every neighborhood imaginable,” said Novitsky. “Although the physical and mental demands of being out in the field (driving and lifting) can be tiring at times, I’ve been able to grow stronger, healthier, happier and more productive with age.”

“In working with other companies, I learned about the rising healthcare costs that companies face today. Beyond the concern for the safety and well-being of the individual, organizations must figure ways to combat lost productivity and sick time,” said Novitsky.

Over the years, Novitsky has learned that some simple suggestions can lead to positive results.

Here are my top three easily executed wellness tips for the body and mind.

NUTRITION; bring fresh, healthy, easy to access food to work with you. As a road warrior, I always fill up a cooler with vegetables, salad, lean proteins such as grilled chicken, fish or hard-boiled eggs and a lot of water. Get out of the habit of settling for only what’s available.

GO FOR A WALK; we all get a lunch break, use most of it to go for a brisk walk, preferably outdoors. Instead of staring at a device, get moving.

MEDITATE; Even if it’s for as little as five minutes, shut off everything and close your eyes, that brief interlude of inner peace will pay dividends the rest of the day in the form of energy, focus and awareness.