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CSC Service Technician Rescues Cleveland Motorist

December 19th, 2018

CSC Service Technician Teddy Mayle was driving between service calls when he spotted a car in a ditch off the freeway. He noticed the car’s doors were open and there was a man inside who appeared to be in distress. Mayle stopped and found the man unresponsive and immediately called 911. He waited for emergency services to arrive and ensured the man got into the ambulance. The next day, Mayle was informed by police the man had survived and his intervention was a contributing factor.

Mayle’s supervisor, Karen Zabukovec, Field Service Manager, noted that he only brought it to her attention because he was delayed in making the next call. “Most people don’t stop in situations like that,” said Zabukovec. “I was really impressed that Teddy stopped to help and make sure the man was okay.”