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CSC’s Machine Pricing Strategy Brings New Choices to Laundry Rooms

April 25th, 2019

CSC is rolling out new technology in machines across their accounts that offers more choices and revenue benefits — a win/win scenario that solidifies CSC’s position as a company dedicated to meeting the needs of both clients and their customers.

When doing a load of laundry, there are several choices to make: which detergent to use, but also what duration wash is needed and the best water temperature. These are choices that affect how clothes are washed, with the potential to either successfully clean clothes “just enough” or do more than is needed.

CSC’s washing machines are using a new technology solution that gives these same choices to community-laundry customers through a feature called “tiered pricing.” With this technology, available on Maytag and SpeedQueen units, customers can, depending on the unit type, select from shorter or longer wash cycles, choose water temperature and even add extra rinses.

These choices allow customers to customize their washes for each load’s specific needs. It’s not unlike going through an automatic car wash – where you can select a base wash that works fine, or select additional features for an additional charge.

So, how does this benefit clients?

Some of these options will add a small fee (a quarter or less) to the base wash/rinse rate and allow the property to recoup costs of additional utilities. This setup is similar to submetering utilities in an apartment property—asking each resident to pay for the utilities they use, rather than spreading the cost equally no matter the use. Additionally, the longer washes and additional rinses add wear and tear to machines. Tiered pricing is presented as an option for clients to recoup these costs, though they can also choose to enable the wash choices without additional fees.

CSC teams provide signage that explains the tiered-pricing options for display in community laundry rooms. The machines themselves also display the result of adding premium options, showing an increased price when one of the options is selected.