Third Way Center (Denver, CO)

September 20th, 2021

Third Way Center in Denver logo

Third Way Center offers truth and hope to high risk, mentally ill, disadvantaged and often homeless adolescents and their families. For nearly half a century, Third Way Center has helped transform the lives of thousands of teens, empowering them to build better future lives for themselves.

Based in downtown Denver, Third Way Center serves youth in need through a wide variety of impactful programs such as substance abuse treatment, vocational, educational and after care programs. Most notably, Third Way Center’s Residential Treatment Programs are made up of five residential houses and four specialized treatment programs.

Through powerful, around-the-clock assistance, Third Way Center serves up to 100 teams and 12 babies at one time—and the need for reliable laundering service for clients never wavers. Clients are empowered to take care of laundry and cleaning on their own and the Third Way Center team shared even these seemingly small responsibilities can create the most fulfilling feeling of accomplishments for clients as they develop the skills they need to live independently.

Third Way Center in Denver logo