Shiloh House (Denver, CO)

September 16th, 2021

Shiloh House in Denver logo

Shiloh House was founded on the mission of meeting the needs of youth by providing consistent treatment in a loving, home-like environment. Shiloh House offers youth and families support and services to overcome challenges, enhancing their success in the community.

With nearly twenty community centers and home care facilities across six campuses in the greater Denver Area, laundry utilities and services are integral to the organization’s ability to operate. So much so, that washer and dryer donations from CSC’s CommunityWorks programs are life changing for the nonprofit, whose overhead is deeply affected when utilities like these break down and need replacement.

At Shiloh House, doing laundry is about much more than cleaning clothes—kids who live in and benefit from the organization’s various programs (from mental health services to emergency shelter placement) have a designated laundry day, which teaches them the routine of using a washer and dryer as well as the responsibility of taking care of their belongings. Most locations within Shiloh House’s oversight have several washer and dryer units, servicing a wide range of clients from children to adults. Thanks for Michael Alvara and the CSC Denver team, Shiloh House is well equipped to continue serving members of the Denver community.

Shiloh House in Denver logo