Pillsbury United Communities (Minneapolis, MN)

February 27th, 2021

Pillsbury United Communities logo

Pillsbury United offers programs, neighborhood centers, and social enterprises for more than 55,000 individuals and their families each year. Through their programs, they seek to create pathways to a prosperous future, from education to jobs to economic mobility.

Built to directly serve underinvested groups in Minneapolis, MN Pillsbury United Communities offers a united system of programs, neighborhood centers, and social enterprises connects more than 55,000 individuals and their families each year. The organization spans across four main locations—Brian Coyle Center, Oak Park, Pillsbury House and Waite House—which CSC has supported through washer and dryer donations. Most notably, washers and dryers have been placed in a childcare facility that allows the team to maintain a healthy environment for our children.

The CSC team, led by Tim Jensen, donated and installed three washers and three dryers to help offset program costs of the daycare and allow Pillsbury to better support their local community.

Pillsbury’s daycare is now able to fulfill daily needs to wash bedding and clothing. They also operate a full-service bicycle shop that provides internships to homeless youth. The addition of laundry equipment allows these employees to wash their clothes and rags after working with greasy products.

By supporting members through the provision of childcare, Pillsbury United Communities allows their clients the time and ability to participate in beneficial life programs — and CSC is proud to support essential needs of the childcare facility that contribute to clients’ experience at the center as a whole.

Pillsbury United Communities community photo