Auberle Home (Pittsburgh, PA)

October 8th, 2020

Auberle Home Pittsburg logo

Auberle helps build strong individuals, families and communities by investing in young people and their families, believing in their potential and offering help when needed.

Auberle provides more than 20 programs to their community including transitional and employment services, behavioral health programs, prevention and reunification services and and placement services. They have four campuses across the southwestern Pennsylvania which enables them to service 4,000 individuals per year.

Auberle is an existing CSC customer whose services included the utilization of commercial equipment that was being maintained by our Super Laundry business unit. In partnership with our Pittsburgh branch, CSC converted our Super Laundry contract into a relationship where we are now providing services free of charge. We are also installing upgraded equipment and providing ongoing at other sites. These steps are allowing Auberle to better support those they serve with access to clean clothes and linens without having to worry about the cost and maintenance of their machines.

Auberle Home Pittsburg logo