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Tips for Using a Dryer

Sure you know how to use a dryer, but these tips can help you save time, money and be more efficient when doing laundry.

Tips for Using a Dryer

If you are an adult, you definitely know how to operate a dryer. But do you really get the most out of it? Day-to-day routines have a way of turning into habits, and it can be easy to settle for doing things the way you’ve always done them. If you are looking to ramp up the efficiency of your laundry routine, a great place to start is the dryer.

You may already do several of these things, but chances are that one of the following tips will help you save time, money, or the quality of your clothes.

Don’t overstuff the dryer
Clothes dry best when they have enough space to tumble, so overloading the dryer makes loads take longer and use more energy.

Pay attention to the settings
Different fabrics dry best at different temperatures and tumble speeds, so take time to learn the settings on your machine to preserve the life of your clothing

Take clothes out immediately when the cycle ends
If you let clothes sit in the dryer for a long time after the cycle ends, they will develop wrinkles and static

Shake out wet clothes
This helps reduce wrinkling and allows items to dry faster

Dryer sheets help reduce static
Dryer sheets are a great way to get softer, better-smelling clothes, in addition to eliminating static cling

Separate lightweight and heavyweight clothing items
Ensure that the load dries at the same time by grouping items by weight, to save you from running items from one load for multiple cycles

Dry several loads in a row
By running multiple loads back to back, you save time and energy since the dryer is already heated up

Wipe off the moisture sensor
Residue from dryer sheets can block the moisture sensor, leading to longer drying times

Clean out the lint trap
Lint clogs can also negatively alter drying time and get stuck on clothes

Tips for Using a Dryer