CSC Service Works Post Accident Procedures

In the event of a vehicle accident your safety is our first priority: 

  • Dial 911 for an ambulance if anyone has been hurt and requires immediate medical attention. 
  • Do not attempt to move any injured persons.
  • If possible, move your vehicle to a safe location on the side of the road away from traffic, put out any cones or triangles, and turn on hazard lights.
  • After you have ensured your safety open the Axi Kit app on your phone and follow the outlined step by step directions:

Step 1 Contact Help:

  • Call 911 for police assistance.
  • Call your branch Emergency Contact, also call your immediate supervisor.

Step 2 Get Witness Information:

  • Record audio description of what happened or type notes, be sure to get their name, telephone number, and a description of what they saw.

Step 3 Take Photos:

  • All sides of each vehicle
  • License Plates
  • Closeups of damage
  • Roadway and skid marks
  • Other driver’s License
  • Other Registration and Insurance Card

Step 4 Record the Facts:

  • Other Drivers Name, License, Phone, Insurance Injuries
  • Other Vehicles – Make, Model, Year, VIN#, Tag & Owner Info
  • Passengers – Name, Phone, Vehicle, Injuries.
  • Damage – Describe damage to vehicles & objects.
  • Accident Scene – How it happened, Police report #/agency
  • If other driver admits fault and they are willing to give a statement, take it.  Remember we do not admit fault.

Step 5 – Send Report:

  • Answer the Custom Questions: Any Injuries? Traffic?  Weather? Any Citations?
  • Click Send Report
  • Call Fleet Manager to ensure you can now leave the site.


This accident must still be immediately reported to ARI at 1 (800) 227-2273, be ready to scroll through this report to provide them the information they need.

If you have been injured or suspect you have been injured, you must call WorkCare at (888) 449-7787.