Sparkle Solutions

Sparkle Solutions specializes in providing on-premise laundry services (OPL) to large-scale facilities, including apartment buildings, fire departments, municipalities, condominiums and hotels in Canada. Property owners, managers and residents prefer Sparkle Solutions because of our expert management, seamless installation and robust reporting capabilities.

We have been working with Canadian property owners and managers for over two decades and understand unique laundry-related concerns. Hassle-free daily operations and reliable, responsive service with reporting that goes beyond a monthly revenue total are key elements of laundry center success. The bottom line goals are reducing operating costs while attracting and keeping A-list residents who will consistently produce the most revenue.

With us, you can enjoy the best machines in the industry and the most responsive customer service in Canada. Our fully-trained technicians can be at your location within 24 hours in most cases, using our work-order call system. Our turnkey solutions also include web-based, real time monitoring and transparent reporting. We offer the only laundry solutions system in Canada that allows property owners and managers to monitor facility use and revenue online, in real time.

Our exclusive wireless card system, SparkleXpress, gives the end user flexible payment options. We offer increased safety and efficiency with our turnkey, card-based solutions that reduce vandalism and the risk of theft by eliminating coin boxes. When residents are able to use clean, operational laundry facilities, without waiting until they have a pocketful of coins, they are less likely to do their laundry elsewhere─ which means you improve revenues and keep your residents happier.

Sparkle Solutions helps Canadian property owners and managers spend more time on their business and less time worrying about laundry-related issues. Our clients tell us that the #1 reason they choose us is our reputation for friendly, responsive service. 94% of our clients have been with us for more than two years and 97% say they’d choose us for their next property.

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