As the newest member of the CSC ServiceWorks family, Mac-Gray joins Coinmach and ASI to offer unbeatable options for laundry centers nationwide. Our technology, service, competitive revenue sharing and Energy Star® equipment options are improving profitability and resident satisfaction for locations we service.

We serve approximately 88,000 apartment and multi-housing laundry communities in 44 states and the District of Columbia. Our programs are proven to increase revenues and resident satisfaction, while delivering savings on water and electricity costs.

Our representatives have years of experience planning, implementing and supporting laundry operations for unique industry needs. It’s all about maximizing income, ensuring customer satisfaction, and putting your laundry center in a position to grow and prosper.

We support the on-premise laundry programs of countless businesses and institutions across America. Our durable commercial laundry equipment and wide range of services will make your program a success. We can help in designing a new laundry facility, renovating an existing one, setting up and installing your equipment – all while providing the fast, reliable service you need to keep things running smoothly.

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