CSC ServiceWorks Academic Division

CSC ServiceWorks Academic Division is a student-focused laundry program provider for colleges, universities and student housing companies across the United States. Our programs consist of PROactive service, the best equipment available, industry-leading digital technology and exciting student-marketing programs.  We partner with more than 1,000 colleges, universities and student housing locations and serve millions of students annually.

CSC ServiceWorks Academic Division has experienced regional managers who will customize your laundry programs to meet your school or student housing company’s unique needs. We know what it takes to motivate students to use on-campus laundry and deliver greater profitability for our customers. We use our expertise to help our partners develop the laundry program that works best for their students. Our ability to deliver customized common-area laundry rooms gives you the flexibility to select from the most technologically advanced equipment and services available, including our Service App, LaundryView and online Client Resource products.

Using our latest innovative technology and expert service from over 44 local service offices, we can provide professional, local experts who respond to all service requests promptly. Each service technician is Campus PRO Service trained and will provide PROactive service to ensure that all equipment is in good working order. Our walkthroughs eliminate 90% of service problems, because any issues identified are fixed before they can inconvenience your students.

A well-designed campus laundry program is only successful if students use it. We understand the challenges of marketing a laundry room to a student who may think it’s more convenient to take laundry off campus and utilize this knowledge to maximize the use of your laundry rooms. At CSCSW, we believe in being the best at what we do: providing the latest technology and new levels of efficiency, training and student loyalty programs that meet the needs of our partner schools.

CSCSW is the only company actively sponsoring and providing carbon-neutral laundry operation on campuses throughout the United States. In collaboration with the ACUPCC, CSCSW is meeting your College and University Presidents’ objective of carbon neutrality.

Contact us today! to see to schedule a campus visit and find out how CSCSW can improve your campus laundry center program!