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CSC ServiceWorks Announces National Holiday Clothing Drive, Presented by CommunityWorks Program

PLAINVIEW, NY, December 10, 2019 — CSC ServiceWorks, Inc. (“CSC”), the industry leader in commercial laundry solutions and air vending services, has announced the kick-off of their National Holiday Clothing Drive. The drive presented by CSC’s CommunityWorks program, will run from December 9 through January 9 and will be collecting donations at more than 1,000 locations.

Residents at participating communities equipped with CSC laundry equipment are encouraged to bring their clean, gently worn clothing to their laundry rooms or leasing offices, which will serve as drop-off locations for donations. CSC will collect donations from participating locations on a weekly basis and then work with their various partners, including The Salvation Army and Mercy Housing, to directly distribute the donated clothing to those in need.

While any donations of clean, gently used clothing are appreciated and encouraged, CSC asks for some weather-specific items such as:

  • Winter coats
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Pants (jeans, sweatpants, anything warm)
  • Gently used sneakers

Through the CSC CommunityWorks social impact program, the company strives to provide access to clean clothes and other basic services that enable people to succeed, addressing everyday needs and responding to community crises. This National Holiday Clothing Drive is just one of the many ways CSC is enhancing the lives of others and supporting communities on a larger-scale and enabling them to participate in local-giving.

“CSC works to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients, consumers and the communities in which we live,” said Rick Martella, Executive Vice President of CSC ServiceWorks. “We believe that access to clean clothes and basic support gives people the pride and confidence they need to be successful in their lives. We’re proud of the work we will do through CommunityWorks and the join efforts that we and our clients are making in using the reach of our businesses for good.”

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About CSC ServiceWorks:

CSC ServiceWorks is the leading provider of laundry solutions and air vending services throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. We work to make life easier, impacting over 40 million residents & consumers, property managers and owners every day. Our history goes back to 1927 and today includes over 3,000 dedicated professionals and an extensive local network to service our customers.

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CSC ServiceWorks Announces CommunityWorks Social Impact Program

CSC ServiceWorks launches strategy to enhance lives and strengthen communities through its philanthropic and volunteer efforts

PLAINVIEW, NY, December 5, 2019 — CSC ServiceWorks, (“CSC”), the industry leader in commercial laundry solutions and air vending services, is enhancing lives through their CSC CommunityWorks social impact program. Through this strategy, CSC will work with employees, clients, local organizations and non-profit agencies to strengthen programs and enhance resources.

Through CommunityWorks, the company will invest in providing access to clean clothes and other basic services that enable people to succeed, addressing everyday needs and responding to community crises.

Activated by thousands of team members around the world, CSC teams will apply their service expertise to enable local organizations to uplift people in underserved communities through equipment donations, installations and maintenance, hands-on volunteerism, and local giving.

“At CSC, we exemplify what works – by making everyday experiences better and enhancing the lives of millions of people around the world” said Mark Hjelle, Chief Executive Officer of CSC ServiceWorks. “We do this through our business and community activities and believe it is important for our company to promote and support team members as active community participants.”

CSC CommunityWorks will enhance a number of legacy initiatives including food and clothing drives. It will also work in concert with our businesses as we continue to respond in times of crisis, supporting team members and clients so that we have resilient communities that enable people to safely and quickly get back to normal life.

“Whether we’re aiding in recovery after a natural disaster or helping people be safe and feel good about going to school or work, we can apply our resources to serve our communities,” said Rick Martella, Executive Vice President at CSC. “Our machines make life easier, but it’s our people who truly enhance lives. And we do that for millions of people around the globe every day.”

As the holidays approach, CSC will partner with thousands of client locations in a CSC CommunityWorks National Clothing Drive. Thousands of multi-family housing communities will invite residents to donate clothing to support others in need. Local CSC branches and support centers will not only participate but will utilize their route-based logistics to collect and transport donations to non-profit agencies that will help distribute.

“This is a great example of how we can utilize our resources and relationships to scale to greater impact”, said Martella. “We all recognize too many people don’t have access to these basic services and we are proud to work together with our clients and (potentially) over a million consumers and fellow community members to close this gap,”

CSC is also taking steps to define an overall corporate responsibility platform that will encompass both social and environmental impacts. The company will work with clients and suppliers to develop industry leading practices that strengthen communities and enhance and protect the environment.

About CSC ServiceWorks:

CSC ServiceWorks, with over 1.4 million machines in service, is the leading provider of commercial laundry solutions to the multi-family housing and education markets as well as an industry leader in air and vacuum vending services at convenience stores and gas stations. CSC ServiceWorks has a workforce of over 3,000 dedicated professionals throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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