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Coinmach Honored for LG Commercial Laundry Work

The LG Global Customer Conference was held on September 27, 2011 and attended by companies representing LG around the world. Dave Drake, Vice President of Coinmach’s ASI Campus Laundry Division and liason to LG Commercial Laundry, respresented Coinmach. The conference was held on Jeju Island, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site considered to be the most beautiful place in South Korea.

During the awards dinner, LG and Mr. Seong Jin Jo recognized Coinmach with their highest honor, the “LG Global Top Achievement Award,” for a successful year distributing and representing LG exclusively in the United States.

LG Electronics looks to revolutionize laundromat experience

Article | September 12, 2011 | By Bruce Beggs

NEW YORK – LG Electronics USA and Coinmach Service Corp. on Thursday opened a unique “Laundry Lounge,” an approach the companies hope will revolutionize the traditional, utilitarian Laundromat.

The 2,200-square-foot store across the street from City College of New York offers customers modern amenities, including free Internet access and high-definition TVs, for a more home-like atmosphere.

Located on the Upper West Side, the laundry is the first of what LG anticipates will be a national roll-out of similar stores featuring its line of ultra-efficient, ENERGY STAR®-qualified commercial washers and dryers.

“With this new concept, we’re offering patrons a fresh experience by integrating key components of the home in public laundry venues, confirming the notion that life doesn’t have to stop because you have to do laundry,” says Sam Kim, Appliance President, LG Electronics USA.

The fully attended store, open 24/7 and featuring a red-and-white décor, is owned and operated by Super Laundry, a wholly owned division of Coinmach, a leading supplier of outsourced laundry equipment services for multi-family housing in North America.

“LG’s innovative commercial washers and dryers, as well as its high-performance HDTVs, create an overall exciting and attractive environment,” says Coinmach CEO Robert Doyle. “We are very pleased to cooperate with LG Electronics in bringing this exciting new kind of laundry experience to our customers.”

The card-only store initially is offering $2.50 washes (“super wash” is another 25 cents) on its 26 front-load washers and free drying on its 32 counterpart dryers as a promotion. Thanks to ESD’s card payment system integrated into each machine, the store has the ability to easily adjust pricing as desired.

Stefan Meir, director of commercial laundry sales for LG Electronics USA, says LG plans to work with Coinmach and other distributors to open more “Laundry Lounges” nationwide over the next 18 months.

Although he couldn’t say specifically where they might be located, he says they will likely be in “major cities.”